Digital Asset Analysis & Strategic Reports

Strategies for Maximizing Digital Asset Performance

Why would my business need a Digital Strategy?
And what exactly is that?

Digital Strategy is about optimizing and organizing an approach to manage your business digital assets. This can include your website, social media, applications, and just about anything being done with a computer. The advantage to having a digital strategy is efficiency, scalability, and productivity…and being competitive.

Digital Strategies are used across a number of departments such as sales, support, operations, legal, and human resources. Therefore, including all administrators when developing a digital strategy is important. Izuno Studios will work with you and your team to create a Digital Strategy that will pro-actively encourage growth.

Effective implementation and execution of a Digital Strategy will lead to a better bottom line. In addition, your team will discover a less stressful application experience that allows them to rapidly deploy their skills in a consistent strategized fashion.

Many businesses already know areas they may be weak in or what their competition is doing that they wish they could implement. Izuno Studios brings experience, creativity, and a relentless work ethic to building a Digital Strategy specifically for your business or organization.

Izuno Studios Clients will always see both a short and long term return on their investment. Contact me for pricing and to get a leg up on your competition.

Digital Strategy for SMB’s

Streamline Operations, Increase Market Share, and Optimizing Digital Performance

#1 – Current State Digital Asset Analysis

Izuno Studios has tools in place to effectively analyze your digital assets. The first step is discovering what you currently have to work with and how those assets can be better utilized. You may already have a pretty good idea, and we can start there. Let’s take advantage of what is in place versus what’s missing. After optimizing what’s in place and cutting out the clutter will result in a clearer picture to move forward.

How much time do you spend looking for the right documents? When’s the last time you had a professional photography shoot? Would you like to know more about your customers? Where are the operational bottlenecks?

#2 – Strategic Goals, Alignment & Vision

Digital Strategy covers many aspects of the business. Getting input from team leaders and all administrators is important to make sure the strategy works for all departments. During this phase, we’ll define the goals we hope to accomplish by implementing a digital strategy and align that with the digital assets.

Are you looking to increase site visitors? What’s the conversion rate? How do we decrease the cost per acquisition? What digital assets would lead to increase productivity? Are there additional marketing channels we need to take advantage of?

#3 – Development & Execution

After we’ve discovered the state of your digital assets and know how we want to move forward, Izuno Studios and your team will begin creating, developing, and executing the digital strategy. Implementing the digital strategy should see benefits in both the short and long term. Timing is critical for certain items and with the whole team involved and dedicated to achieving the goals, it’s just a matter of execution.

When is the best time and frequency to post on social media channels? How often should your website be updated? Do you need an ‘In-House’ digital policies and procedures? What marketing assets could be modified to help employee training or recruiting new employees?

#4 – Analytics & Maintenance

A successful digital strategy should always include analytics and maintenance to quickly adapt to unforeseen changes in the business environment. Analyzing results and applying the 80/20 principle will further enhance your results and lead to greater profit?

What digital assets performed the best? Was the customer funnel capturing all the data we required? Are there any new marketing channels or partnership you should take advantage of?

Tools of the Trade

High Value Digital Strategy Reporting & Analytics

Digital Asset Analysis

Izuno Studios will develop and deliver a comprehensive report of your digital assets. This includes analyzing your website, social media pages, online reviews, user experiences, search engine optimization issues, marketing, technology, and accessibility. The purpose of this is to identify potential issues and recommend solutions to optimize or improve.

SWOT Analysis

Conducting a digital based strategy it is important to perform a SWOT analysis. The results will determine the path forward for your digital strategy as well as give your business a competitive advantage. Izuno Studios works with your team to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your digital strategy.

Digital Policy & Procedures

Developing an ‘in-house’ digital policy and procedures doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Avoid problems before they occur and take the blame game out of the equation. Izuno Studios can work with your business to establish who can do what when it comes to online activities.

Cyber Security

Avoiding scams, viruses, and malware will save your business both unexpected bills and stress. Taking a pro-active approach to cyber security is much easier than reacting to infiltrations. Izuno Studios offers a suite of services to small businesses at an affordable price. Feel free to contact Izuno Studios for more information.

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