Process Documentation for Manufacturing

Digital Media Based Standard Operating Procedures

Izuno Studios offers high value Process Documentation for Manufacturer’s looking to capture and document their workflow. Having work instructions that are well developed & consistent leads to less re-work, higher throughput, and greater profits.

Businesses and Manufacturer’s can use digital media based process documentation across a variety of departments including employee training, manufacturing, legal, and management. Izuno Studios can help identify the right application to implement your Standard Operating Procedures as well as provide ISO compatible formatting.

Utilizing digital media such as photos, videos, and graphics, Izuno Studios offers Clients an extremely valuable tool when it comes to Process Validation. Whether you need to track metrics, employee actions, manufacturing data, or anything else, having the ability to prove what was done, when it was done, and how it was done is simply the best method to protect your business from false claims.

Discovering new applications or using existing applications, Izuno Studios can deliver exactly what you need to get the job done. There are many industry specific applications that focus on solving your process documentation requirements.

Create the Right Solution for Your Facility


Identify an Application for the Documentation

During the initial consult, Izuno Studios will identify optional applications to view and utilize your Standard Operating Procedures and Processes. Depending on whether or not you want to collect data and the purpose for the process documentation will dictate which application will fit the best. You may already have an application that is designed to do this.

There may be an industry specific application out there we can demo, or maybe all you need is a combination of spreadsheets and presentation tools.


Define Structure & Access Controls

Who will be using the process documentation? During this phase we outline the process documentation for the right department. Will it be used to train new employees or maybe you want your current team to start tracking data?


Document the Process

Let the work begin. Izuno Studios can capture your current processes during an on-site visit. This can last a few hours to a few weeks depending on how many processes you want to capture. Photography, video, and text instructions will be recorded for the project.


Create the Graphics

After the media has been captured, it’s time to add the graphics to make the process as simple as possible. Adding graphics is an important step to make sure there is no confusion as one wrong step in the process often causes a problem with the end result.


Administrative Review

The first draft will undergo a thorough review process. All team members and administration should be involved to make sure the process documentation is accurate.


Modify Versions

Any additional departments that wish to use the process documentation have the option to have it modified for their use. A Process Training document may be helpful to the marketing department, but also a bit different in terms of formatting.


Maintain Documentation

Izuno Studios provides support services to maintain the process. This could include updates if the process itself changed, or training to Team members who can update the documentation in-house.

Sample Process Documentation

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Process Documentation FAQ

What is your Pricing Structure?

There are many factors involved when calculating pricing. How in depth is the process, what application(s) will be involved, will an on-site visit be required, what sort of data are you looking to track (if any), and what type of process documentation method (photo, video, graphic, ISO formatted) will be required? All of these questions will be discussed prior to providing a quote. My goal is for Manufacturer’s to see a return on their investment in both a short term and long term capacity.

Will I be Required to Shut Down Operations During Your On-site Visit?

No, your facility will not be required to stop production. What may occur could be a potential slow down, but that will be minimized as we will work quickly to avoid any profit loss. It’s also important to keep in mind the time required by your team that will be involved with the process.

We Already Have Process Documentation, but it Needs Improvement. Can you help?

Each process documentation project is different. If you have assets already in place, that’s great. Izuno Studios can work with what you have to either optimize, fill in the gaps, transfer to a another application if needed, or solve whatever challenges you are currently experiencing.

How Do We Get Started?

Contact Izuno Studios using the form below and let me know the best time to set up a conference call with your project manager(s) We can discuss what it is you are looking for and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

After I get a better idea of the project overview, I’ll provide a scope of work and a quote. Once the project is delivered, Izuno Studios will also work with you to ensure all process documentation is accurate, well maintained, and your team is properly trained.

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d.b.a. IzunoStudios
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