High Value Turnkey Websites

Starting at $450/year

Good, solid websites shouldn’t cost a fortune. Izuno Studios knows small businesses have a tight budget. Clients will find their website to be one of the best values among all their marketing efforts.

Check out our “Just the Basics” Website Package below to get started. We will start here and you can optionally choose additional features and content creation time to upgrade your website based on your requirements.

After registering a Domain Name, The Annual Fee of $450 will include everything you need to stay online. This includes 1 Hour of updates per month so that you won’t be billed for every minor change.

How do I compete with GoDaddy, Wix, and other large corporate website builders? The answer is simple…I do the work so you don’t have to. A small business owners time is valuable…extremely valuable. Why spend it on the learning curve that would be required when you can spend it making sales. This cost-benefit analysis is why my Clients choose Izuno Studios.

Izuno Studios has been creating professional websites for years and can quickly solve the technical aspects of web design and development in addition to providing custom graphic design. You will have a Stress-Free website creation experience from concept to execution.

“Just the Basics” Website Package

$500 One Time Design Fee + $450/year

• Up to 10 Pages to Promote Your Product or Service
• Hosting Included
• Custom Graphic Design
• Premium Contact Form
• Fast Support & Response Times
• Up to 1 Hour of Updates per Month Included
• WP CMS (Full Admin Control)

Website Features by Izuno Studios


All websites created by Izuno Studios will be hosted by a tried and tested 3rd Party Company specializing in WordPress Hosting. This features a 99.99% uptime for your website as to not miss any potential customers.


Your website will feature a Premium Contact Form. Other add-ons can include online scheduling, call now buttons, live chat boxes, file uploads, and much more based on your requirements.


Izuno Studios extensive background in Custom Graphic Design ensures your website message makes an impact to visitors. This is included with the ‘Just the Basics’ Package.

Analytics & Reporting

All websites will have site visitor analytics. Knowing where your site visitors are located and other information can help in the decision making process to take increase sales.

Support & Updates

Clients will have full support when needing to make changes or when technical items arise. One hour per month of updates are included with the basic package so you don’t get nickled and dimed for minor changes to your website.


Izuno Studios has a suite of Marketing options based on your business and industry. For example, we can create Email Marketing Campaigns as well as set up your business on social media platforms as requested.

Site Security

Website browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari are now displaying Secure Socket Layer icons in the URL bar to ensure site visitors that your website is “secure”. Izuno Studios implements this SSL Certificate on all websites free of charge.


While not included with the ‘Just the Basics’ website package, Izuno Studios has a couple of different options available to sell online. Contact me for more information.

Mobile Optimized

‘Just the Basics’ Website package will deliver a mobile friendly user experience. Often times, some additional tweaking may be needed to make items look good across all devices.

Full Administrative Control

You will have full site access (login information) to modify the website yourself should you choose to do so. In addition, all files are Intellectual Property are transferred to you after the website is complete…your data…your control.

Additional Information

Quick Turnaround

After the initial agreement has been reached, Izuno Studios goes from concept to execution very quickly. We will take photos and videos when you’re ready and create a concept for you to review and make changes. After that, your website will go live and you’re home free!

Client Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is something I take very serious. I’d be happy to put you in touch with any of my Clients to vouch for this statement. As a website designer, I often create passwords for your business. You will be given these same passwords & be provided access upon request…anytime. My Clients trust me with their most sensitive financial and bank information to perform the tasks assigned, this duty is held with uncompromising security standards.


A quick word on Domain Names…example, ‘YourDomainHere.com‘. Izuno Studios will be more than happy to register your domain name, the cost is about $15-$20 a year. However, we will never ask to “Own” your domain name. It should be registered in your name. Having said that, we often “Manage” that domain name to take one-more item off your ‘to-do’ list.


A deposit of $500 is required for new website builds. Clients can deduct these expenses during tax time as ‘Marketing Expenses’. As a sole proprietorship, annual billings over $600 will need to record the transaction as a 1099-NEC (formerly 1099-MISC). All scopes and statements of work will be pre-approved so you know the full costs before moving forward.

Jordan Needham III
d.b.a. IzunoStudios
(417) 496-9890

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